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Lesson Among the Flowers

'Lesson Among the Flowers' 花前课读图 by Fei Danxu 费丹旭 (1736)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Doctoral Research

The following list shows the doctoral projects of the Professorship for East Asian History's current PhD Candidates. Click on the names to view the abstract of the project in the respective pages of the PhD Candidates.

  • Susannah Brooks: American Disaster Relief and Development in Republican China
  • Elaheh Madani Mashaei: Modernization and Forest Policy in Iran during the Pahlavi Era (1920s to 1970s)
  • Li Yutong: Integration of Han Chinese in Shan Society in the Yunnan-Burma Frontier Region from Late Qing to 1949
  • Royston Lin: Veneration of Catholic Saints in the Jesuit Mission in China between the Sixteenth- and Eighteenth Century
  • Ricardo Rudas Meo: (Mis)communication across the Early People’s Republic of China: Language Barriers in Early Chinese Communist State- and Nation-Building at China’s Peripheries
  • Daniela Schneider: Hong Kong's Press in the Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Wang Qiuping: Villa Landscapes in the Jiangnan Area During the Late-Ming and Early-Qing Dynasties
  • Zhou Yuping: The Puji Hospital in Dongguan, 1888-1949: The Interaction and Acculturation Processes between Rhenish Missionary Doctors and the Local Society